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A new performing arts organization has emerged in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has served notice that from its very inception, Trinity Lyric Opera was to have a significant impact on the Bay Area musical scene. Trinity Lyric Opera concluded its inaugural season in 2006 to much acclaim, both in the media and among members of the community. A staff of hard working and dedicated professionals joined together to create a passion greater than their own and provided audiences with performances that left a long-lasting impact. One patron in attendance said "Three cheers for you and the new star in the Bay Area opera firmament!"

Our Board of Directors firmly believes that your investment will mean much more than a financial donation: it will enable sweet touches of harmony to leave an impact in the minds and hearts of those in attendance not only this year, but in years to come. We are committed to providing the finest of opera presentations of works neglected and under-played. This will help diversify the current arts scene and also allow attenders to discover a broader scope of operatic history.

In 2006, Trinity Lyric Opera was the first to bring Vaughan Williams' opera "The Pilgrim's Progress" to U.S. West Coast audiences. For our 2007 season, we have aggressively sought out staff and cast members to continue in this innovative tradition with Aaron Copland's "The Tender Land." In years to come, we plan to continue to stage other undeservedly under-performed gems of the opera repertoire.

We invite you to join Trinity Lyric Opera in bringing professional opera to San Francisco East Bay audiences by making a generous gift toward our operating expenses. In so doing, you will make a difference in the lives of opera-goers whose hearts will be warmed and whose minds will be challenged by our presentations. Please consider the role you could play in enhancing our Area's enjoyment this summer of the Northern California première of John Adams' opera "Nixon in China ," by helping to underwrite our operating expenses. In today's world, ticket prices provide only a fraction of the operating income so vital to the survival of Arts groups in today's economy. Consequently, Trinity Lyric Opera's continuing performances of other works in 2008 and its future growth are crucially dependant upon grants and gifts from Foundations, patrons of the arts, corporate sponsors, advertisers and like-minded citizens who are drawn to the beauty of music and to its universal language. Trinity Lyric Opera is a registered California 501(c)(3) Non-Profit corporation, designated as a Public Benefit Corporation, and founded in 2005. We can send you a copy of our IRS Letter of Determination upon request.

Would you be able to consider underwriting expenses relating to our artists or orchestra personnel? Would you be in a position to help with expenses related to our sets and costumes? As you help in any of these ways, you will be playing a tangible part in providing our area with superb music not only this season, but also in years to come. We are confident that performances provided by Trinity Lyric Opera will bring to our audiences sweet touches of harmony that restore peace to the minds of many in these troubled times.

All grants and contributions will be recognized in our program in accordance with the various levels described on our Support TLO page. In supporting TLO, you will be helping to make a difference in the cultural life of our community. Please accept, at the outset, our deepest expression of gratitude.

In closing, please do not hesitate to contact me at 510.483.0805 to discuss any questions about this wonderful opportunity we have before us. We need to raise our budgeted funds by May 1, 2008.

With hope for your partnership in Opera,

Alan Thayer Founder and Executive Director
Trinity Lyric Opera